Nimble Recurring Deposit Plan


Recurring deposit for 38 months or above upto 120 months.

Minimum Deposit Amount: Minimum Initial deposit of Rs. 100/- monthly.

Payment mode may be Monthly, Quarterly,Half yearly, or Yearly.

In case of Quarterly,Half yearly, Yearly modes of payment, the last installment will be for the balance remaining period only.

Defaulters will be charged at the rate of @ 12% per annum, per installment.

Loan Facility as per the rules of society.

Pre-Maturity: Pre-mature withdrawals are subject to deductions as per the rule of the Society.

Nomination Facility: Nomination Facility is available as per Society rules.

Period (In Months)Rate Of Interest (In %) Maturity Amount Per Rs. 100/- of Monthly Deposit.
38 7.404277
48 7.405572
60 7.507250
65 7.507981
72 7.759111
78 8.0010154
90 8.2512336
102 8.5014768
111 8.7516833
120 9.0019109